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We love teaching beginners as they are often the most ready to learn with no bad physical habits, no pre-conceptions about how to practice, and no fears of performance.  The following essential skills are usually developed by age 6 or the start of first grade – the earliest we will accept a student for private lessons.  Students younger than 6 years old are not accepted into private lessons as we believe they are not yet ready for instrumental studies, but are encouraged to begin music studies with Music Together Family Classes.


  • Attention span: must be ready to concentrate for extended periods of time
  • Fine motor skills: necessary to establish good technical habits from day one
  • Reading readiness: understanding letters aids learning music notes and symbols
  • Practice commitment: should be ready to quickly build up to 30 min. daily
  • Students must have an appropriate instrument at home: encouraged to confirm with the teacher prior to purchase
    • For piano, the minimum acceptable instrument is a weighted keyboard with touch sensitivity, 88 keys, a sustain pedal, a stand and a bench.  Acoustic pianos (even second hand) are preferred over electronic.
    • For guitar, the instrument must be the appropriate size.  Beginners are encouraged to have nylon strings which are easier to press. Students also need a case, a music stand, a footstool and a capo. Beginner kits are available with all necessary materials.
    • Other materials that may be required are an assignment notebook, method books, and a metronome.

If your child meets the above pre-requisites and would like to begin piano or guitar lessons, please contact us to schedule an interview.

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