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Want your piano sounding better?
Hire me for a tuning in the DFW area. You will notice the difference


Piano Tuning $160/$150 with confirmed referral
Pitch Raise $150 Up to 40 pitch cents. Beyond that, needs extra pitch raise
Piano Purchase Advice$25/$50/$80 It is free with lessons enrollment
Keyboard Purchase Advice $25/$50/$80 It is free with lessons enrollment
Guitar Purchase advice $25 It is free with enrollment
Visit for piano appraisal $100
Inspection $70 Money can be added to confirmed repair and maintenance.
Piano Sticky keys charged on a case by case basis
Professional Cleaning: $100
Voicing: $120 Up to 40 pitch cents. Beyond that, needs extra pitch raise
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Tuning is the most basic, and essential maintenance you can do to your piano. You will get a better sounding and stable instrument. You, your kid and student will draw more inspiration and a better musicianship because of it. Everyone around it will notice the sparkling harmony of the instrument. Finally, tuning will help maintain a good resale value. Check it out here.
So, how often do you must tune the piano?

Standard tuning is every 6 months
  • Minimum tuning is once a year 
Has you piano not been tuned in 2+ years? You are likely to need a pitch raise. Check it out here.

The technical part is this: If it is more than 50 cents, it will need two tunings within the first month to gain stability.


Professional cleaning: $100
Sticky keys: Charged on a case by case basis.

Instrument purchase

There are a lot of variables and a vast amount of options out there. It is hard to get to know what would be most convenient to you. Get the best option with our help. The advice fee becomes a credit towards the lessons if you decide to enroll with us!